About Everylite

Everylite’s mission is to bring high quality LED lights and lighting systems to our customers. Our products are the perfect choice for commercial signage, merchandise or billboard displays, entertainment applications, and architectural and retail industry applications. At Everylite, we are motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our products to find creative solutions to lighting projects. We realize the importance of being able to deliver the most innovative and highest quality products at the best prices possible, and that our customers must be able to trust their LED supplier. We also recognize that selecting the right LED products for a particular application and designing and implementing that project can be challenging, which is why we maintain a broad in-house service team to assist our customers and to streamline each stage of the process.

Our commitment to our customers is based on four fundamental principles:
• Quality • Putting customers at the core • Innovation • Price – The power of selling high quality products coupled with broad inhouse services
At Everylite, we are pioneers in the LED industry, yet we know our success can only be obtained by high customer satisfaction.